5 Home Security Tips to Keep What Matters to You Safe


Always Lock Doors & Windows

Keep windows locked when you are not home, when you go to sleep, and when they are not in use. If you are a person who prefers to sleep with the windows open, install locks or get sensors that only allow the window to open a few inches. Our tech experts will gladly show you how.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Often, thieves will gain access to your home through a window they have broken. Don’t give them any assistance. Clean up your yard of broken tree limbs after a storm. Pick up you children’s toys after they are playing outside. Never leave a ladder outside your home. This could become easy access to a higher window that is more likely to be unlocked. Use the same care with tools, whether they are for a cookout or gardening; lock them up when you’re done!

Don’t Let Them Know You’re Not Home

If you are planning on going out of town or on vacation, never announce it beforehand. With 24inControl this fear of leaving can eliminated. Our security systems feature  automation via the alarm.com app that allows you to create a “scene”. This simulated housing schedule can make it appear as if you are home with approximate timed lighting. You are able to set-up your routine from virtually anywhere.

Expecting packages? Use 24inControl’s doorbell cameras to see who is there, and manually unlock the door to allow delivery drivers to place the package indoors, then lock up after they leave. Feel secure by giving a trusted neighbor or friend a code to go in and out, you’ll be notified when the enter and leave, keeping your home secure even when you’re not there.

Don’t Give Thieves a Place to Hide

Thieves are always looking for a place to hide. Make sure you trim trees and cut bushes on a regular basis. Especially if these areas give access to your windows. You will also want to consider lighting for your property. Installing outdoor lights will illuminate your yard and make the darkness of nighttime less of an advantage for thieves.

This will give you the opportunity to gauge areas that are still dark in your yard. You can then plan accordingly with extra lights in those areas, just make sure you don’t have bright lights right in your neighbor’s windows! Motion detecting lights are perfect for areas that don’t need to be lit all the time but will cut off the path of a potential intruder.

Install a Home Safety System

A home safety system can stop thieves from getting inside your home, it will deter some and bring the police to your house quickly. With the advancement in home security and automation technology, it will feel like you have a whole team of security experts on your side! It will also give you a peace of mind. Home security and automation systems are one of the best additions to any home!

You should have your system engaged while you are away or while you are at home. Many thieves will try to break into one part of your home while you are busy in another! Keeping your family, your belongings, your home and most importantly your sanity safe does not require a lot of money. Rather, a few simple changes can go a long way in protecting everyone and everything for years to come!

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