DSC Impassa 4G/LTE Cell Module TL8055LTVZ



DSC Impassa 4G/LTE Cell Module TL8055LTVZ


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DSC Impassa 4G/LTE Cell Module TL8055

Compatibility: The TL8055LTVZ module is compatible with DSC IMPASSA panels: SCW9055G- 433 and SCW9057G- 433 V1.3+.

    • Redundant Dual-Path LTE/IP communications provide high reliability
    • Verizon LTE cellular technology ensures fast speeds, and longest service life on the latest network technology
    • Cellular signal strength read-out to optimize placement
    • Built-in 2-way audio over LTE (VoLTE capable)
    • Dual external antennas allow flexible placement for best signal strength
    • Visual Verification image delivery via monitoring station/app using PowerG PIRcam motion detectors
    • Enterprise notices via Alarm.com
    • Built-in EmPower/ Z-Wave automation
    • Supports Alarm.com image sensor via virtual zone
    • Weather/severe weather alerts via Alarm.com displayed on panel keypad
    • Alarm.com AirFX remote toolkit
    • Remote firmware upgradeable over cellular or IP path via Alarm.com AirFX
    • Compatible with IMPASSA V1.3+ alarm panels




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