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Available at this price only with a new or existing 24inControl service subscription.

The new Hub ADC-NK-200T-A-NB offers faster, more responsive smart home control with robust new capabilities. Built-in battery support and a dedicated cellular connection ensure continuous, optimal performance. Plus, installation is easy. No need to connect to Wi-Fi—just plug it in and turn it on.

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  • Secure LTE cellular connection and broadband internet connection
  • Supports Z-Wave devices and the Image Sensor
  • Works with the Customer Website and Customer app
  • Z-Wave SmartStart and S2 compatible


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With the Hub as your home’s command center, you’ll gain remote control of your key devices using our reliable and secure cloud service. Create automated lighting, thermostat and video recording rules, and get customized alerts to always know what’s going on at home.

The Hub connects Z-Wave devices and the Image Sensor, Liftmaster, and Lutron devices; as well as video devices in a single app, giving them smart, responsive automation and seamless control that stand-alone devices can’t offer.’s intelligent services platform is the foundation for the smart home, providing advanced control, better awareness, and reliable, state of the art technology.

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6.3 × 6.3 × 1.71 in


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