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Bed Sensor System

Bed sensors are commonly used to detect if someone is out of bed at an unusual hour for a long period of time and if they are still in bed when they should already be up.

Mat: 30 in. x 11 in. x 0.3 in. (L x W x D) Dark blue, waterresistant, antimicrobial nylon cloth RF-sealed with black, water-resistant, slip-resistant, polyester cloth
Cable: Gray, 18in, 26 AWG, 4 conductor sheathed, terminated with RJ9 connector
Power: 2 AA batteries
Electronic Enclosure: White, 3.5 in. x 2.5 in. x 0.8 in. ABS plastic
Electronic Signaling: Battery-powered filter circuit with integrated 319.5 MHz (crystal-controlled) Qolsys-compatible transmitter with 64 minute supervisory interval
Activation: Weight Minimum 50 lb. subject directly above mat
Sensing Interface: Filtered, normally open (i.e. when not occupied), momentary contact switch
Material Life: Typically 2 years's Wellness solution enables independent living with a wellness safety net, enhances health outcomes by supporting an active lifestyle, provides insights into seniors’ health trends that can be acted upon, all while reducing caregiver stress.

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