PowerG Door/Window Sensor PG9303

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Key Benefits
• Ideal for protecting doors, windows and other entranceways
• Small size and unobtrusive design make it virtually unnoticeable when installed
• Provides reliable performance using built-in PowerG leading wireless intrusion technology
• Outstanding, robust communication enables long-range transmission and strengthens protection against interference
• Simple to install, with a time-saving pull tab
• Visible signal quality indicator on the device
• Easy to maintain
• Delivers long-lasting value with a 6-year battery life (with typical use)
• Available in white and brown

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PowerG Door/Window Sensor PG9303


The new PowerG Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Contact is a highly subtle, yet powerful security device designed for installation on common intrusion points such as windows and doors.Long-range wireless transmission enables easy and quick wire-free and repeater-free installations; and adaptive transmission stretches time between battery changes.

Discreet Design: A small and discreet device, the PowerG Wireless Door/ Window Magnetic Contact is housed within a compact casing that accommodates even the tightest-fitting installations, as well as those where aesthetics is key. Featuring a slim, sleek design, the contact is practically invisible once installed, minimizing visual impact and blending into the décor of just about any home or office space.



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