Simon XTi-5 Panel w/ 4G Cell Module

With Plan 
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Simon XTi-5 V.2 Panel with 4G/LTE Cell Module

All of our alarm systems include:

  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Free Activation
  • Crash & Smash
  • Stay connected – control lights, thermostats, door locks and other Z-Wave® enabled devices for enhanced convenience, safety and value
  • User friendly – simple, easy to understand and operate, icon driven, touch screen interface — great for users of all ages
  • Integrated siren – siren is compliant with UL listing requirements on sound output, to provide effective alert notice throughout the home
  • Emergency fast-action buttons – in monitored systems quickly summon Fire, Medical or Police assistance (Add On Professional Central Station Monitoring required)
  • 1 master access code and 8 additional user access codes of 3 to 6 digits
  • Battery backup power supply keeps the system operational during power failures
  • At-a-glance status of home and property
  • Simple, no button interface; All interaction occurs via a 5-inch color LCD with graphical user interface (GUI)
  • 4G Cellular Module
  • The next generation Simon XTi-5 builds on the reliability of the original Simon XTi by adding a larger display and updated housing. This self-contained security system provides color LCD touch screen convenience, at-a-glance system status, and easy to use icon based system operation all at a best-in-class cost. The Simon XTi-5 is ideally suited for both self and professional monitoring of the security and safety of houses, condominiums, dorms and apartments. The ability to add on Z-Wave® lights, thermostats and door locks, in addition to the Interlogix® Image Sensor — for viewing recorded snapshots and real-time look-ins — make it a perfect solution for whole home security and comfort management. All these functions are controlled remotely using Web portal and mobile applications powered by®.